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  1. Netflix introduces FAST
  2. Introducing the New and Improved Yahoo Messenger Desktop App
  3. TP-LINK locks firmware upgrades on routers manufactured after Feb 2016
  4. Telegram in Fedora
  5. Linux Mint developers release Cinnamon 2.6,
  6. Fedora helps Mozilla and plans a Cinnamon Spin
  7. Microsoft Logs IP Addresses to Catch Windows 7 Pirates
  8. Google Adds Deceptive Software to Safe Browsing API cool stuf from google
  9. Windows 10 Technical Preview Available To Download
  10. Tor soon the default private mode in FF ?
  11. Microsoft Indonesia: Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users
  12. ELLO: Could This Be The End of Facebook?
  13. Facebook prepares to bolster its stalking abilities with new ad tools
  14. Robots Cook Food Using Robohow.
  15. NSA Targets Privacy Conscious for Surveillance
  16. Using Tor becomes a criminal offense in Austria
  17. True mystery of the disappearing TrueCrypt disk encryption software
  18. UK Government Could Fine Companies Still Running Windows XP
  19. Sony to exit PC market, sell VAIO brand
  20. Government launches probe after Huawei engineers allegedly hack BSNL's network
  21. BlackBerry announces Valentine's Day Giveaway promotion for BB10 users
  22. Android had 78.9% of the global smartphone market in 2013
  23. NeoBytes :) "We're proud to introduce Google BlackMail"
  24. New PeerBlock Beta Released After More Than Two Years Without Updates
  25. Google Releases Voice Control Chrome Add-on for Desktops
  26. Microsoft Delays Windows 9, to Launch It in Early 2015
  27. 8StartButton 2.0 unveils radical revamp, adds support for Windows 8.1
  28. Malwarebytes Detects Pirates, Asks Them Not to Steal Software
  29. Ubuntu's Mir Moves Ahead With Unity 8 Interface
  30. As you know every way is good for marketing companies to track you and learn about yo
  31. Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite to become subscription-only
  32. Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet
  33. Netbooks: R.I.P. 2007-2013
  34. Helium-filled WD drives promise huge boost in capacity
  35. Nexus 7 Costs $160 to Make
  36. Adobe Still Has No Fix for Flash Issues in Firefox, but It's Working on It
  37. Microsoft to offer Windows 8 Pro upgrade for just $15
  38. ISPs Refuse to Block New Pirate Bay IP-Address
  39. Breakthrough: Mozilla To Eliminate Add-on Memory Leaks
  40. New 22-nm Intel Ivy Bridge Chips 37% Faster Than Previous Generation...
  41. Chrome Beats Internet Explorer -- Is it a Sign?
  42. Office 15 screenshots surface, show Metro style and more
  43. RIM confirms PlayBook will get BlackBerry 10 OS update
  44. IDC: Android tablets will overtake iPad by 2015, despite everything
  45. First Windows 8 driver update from NVIDIA released
  46. Microsoft sets Office 15 public beta for summer 2012
  47. Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion preview: Notification Center, iMessage, AirPlay and more
  48. The death of Firefox
  49. Apple: The tablet will overthrow the PC, it's just a matter of time
  50. Chrome Edges Firefox for Second Place in Browser Battle
  51. CCleaner for MAC beta 6 released
  52. Windows 8 build 8158 images leak, show off improved Charms Bar
  53. Windows Defender Offline Now Available in Beta
  54. Silverlight 5 now available to download
  55. Google Showing Ads In Chrome Browser, Is This The Beginning Of The End?
  56. Western Digital factories flooded, HDD prices on the rise
  57. Microsoft believes CEO Steve Ballmer is underpaid
  58. Mozilla Firefox -> Protect the Internet
  59. Bill Gates part of Forbes' World's Most Powerful People list
  60. [Hardware] AMD debuts long-awaited Bulldozer desktop CPUs
  61. Kindle Tablet to come out soon.
  62. Rumor: iPhone 5 to go on sale early October?
  63. Firefox 7 to use as much as 50 percent less memory
  64. Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO
  65. Wikipedia losing contributors
  66. AMD launches Radeon RAMs
  67. Google+ undergoing changes based on feedback
  68. Google+ Won't Beat Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg
  69. iPad 3 to debut in October with iPhone 5?
  70. Facebook plans "awesome" launch next week: CEO
  71. MySpace Sold for $35 Million
  72. Men better than Women at Social Networking
  73. Apple will shut off your iPhone video at concerts
  74. Samsung about to become the smartphone king
  75. California to get 1Gbps Internet connection at $70 a month
  76. 'Microsoft Security Essentials' Is Most Used Antivirus Worldwide
  77. Google Releases Stable Version of Chrome 12
  78. Samsungs delivers 'Galxy S II' to the homebrew community
  79. G.Skill Breaks the Overclocking World Record on the Intel LGA 1155 Platform
  80. Eric Schmidt: get a Mac if you want to be secure
  81. Sony is working on PlayStation 4
  82. HTC makes a huge announcement - "No more locking of Bootloaders"
  83. Irish Teen Hacker Scares Microsoft Enough to Land Him a Job
  84. Mark Zuckerberg: children should be allowed to use Facebook
  85. How LinkedIn Became an $8 Billion Company [Infographic]
  86. Mozilla details plans to kill Firefox 3.5
  87. Hackers put Linux back on the Playstation 3
  88. Whitehats steal Chrome security crown, hack browser
  89. Facebook Apps Accidentally Leaking Access to Third Parties
  90. This could really change the Web and piss off groups like RIAA
  91. Facebook to Buy Skype In $4 Billion Deal
  92. Google joins California Do-Not-Track opposition lobby
  93. Google Ranks First in Reputation Survey
  94. Sweden May Mandate Opt-in For Cookie Transfer
  95. Android: the smartphone system with multiple faces
  96. LG Optimus 2X - World's First dual-core phone
  97. Microsoft fixes IE, SMB bugs in big Patch Tuesday
  98. Windows 8 build 7955 in the wild, log on video surfaces
  99. Grooveshark Bites Back at the RIAA: Were Completely Legal
  100. Scientists Successfully Teleport Quantum Information
  101. Toshiba brings self-erasing hard drives to the market
  102. Asia’s just run out of IPv4 Addresses
  103. 75-Year-Old Woman Single-Handedly Cuts Off Internet for Two Countries
  104. Windows 7 share tops XP for first time in U.S.
  105. Mozilla shoots for June 21 release of Firefox 5
  106. Amazon Launches Locker To Store Streaming Music
  107. Report: Iran Tried to Hack the World
  108. Windows 8 - First Look
  109. HP Adding WebOS To Windows PCs
  110. Google lets users blacklist sites from search results
  111. Smartphones Help Diagnose Cancer
  112. New owners of security giants McAfee - Intel
  113. Flash-based solid-state drives nearly impossible to erase
  114. Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone
  115. Lawmakers Introduce "Do Not Track Me Online" Bill
  116. Nokia-Microsoft Vs. Google-Apple
  117. Stop Facebook from Cluttering Your Inbox
  118. Get Internet Access When Your Government Shuts It Down
  119. Fan page of Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook was hacked
  120. Longer words are more informative
  121. Egyptian Internet cutoff 'unprecedented'
  122. Internet exhausting addresses, but no IPocalypse...YET !
  123. Stanford students create 'do not track' software
  124. Researcher uses Amazon cloud to crack Wi-Fi passwords
  125. Would you like a laptop with that cellphone,Sir?
  126. FireFox Won the War in Europe
  127. Microsoft to announce 'Avatar Kinect' at CES Keynote?
  128. WikiLeaks: China is Lightyears Ahead in Tech Innovation
  129. Windows 8 Milestone 2 already compiled
  130. Hit by hit, Facebook.com is now bigger than Google.com
  131. IBM near finish line with Racetrack Memory, promises terabytes for mobile devices
  132. Russia to adopt Linux as national operating system by 2015
  133. Mobile Tech Winners & Losers 2010
  134. Mozilla inadvertently leaks 44,000 users' passwords
  135. Gainward Introduces A New Factory-Overclocked Graphics Card
  136. Mark Zuckerberg: The temptation of Facebook's CEO
  137. The Best Laptops for College-Bound Students
  138. Blocking internet pornography ... that's censorship, isn't it?
  139. Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0.657.0 Stable
  140. 0.07 second power outage drops worldwide NAND supplies by 7.5%
  141. Apache resigns from the JCP Executive Committee
  142. 'Logic Gates' Made to Program Bacteria as Computers
  143. Mobile Batteries of the Future...
  144. Customers Fear Pirated Software Says Microsoft
  145. College Student Googles Himself, Finds Out He's a Teenager Wanted for Murder
  146. Seattle Police Turn to Twitter to Track Stolen Vehicles
  147. Computer Excitedly Declares April 11, 1954 Most Boring Day Ever
  148. 'OMG' Facebook Scam Doesn't Let You See Who Viewed Your Profile
  149. German hackers "gained access to Lady Gaga’s computer"
  150. Upgrading A Supercomputer
  151. New Trojan Threat Emerges
  152. Shape-Shifting Battery Smooshes To Fit Sizes AA-D
  153. IBM’s Supercomputer cooled by hot water
  154. Web Browsers, Desktop Software Top "Dirty Dozen" Apps List
  155. Indian websites do your homework for $2
  156. Mount Everest gets 3G coverage
  157. This is How Microsoft Introduced Windows 1.0
  158. 12-year-old finds critical Firefox flaw, earns $3,000 bounty
  159. Google Chrome 8 stable will be launched before the Halloween
  160. Making sense of Google's seemingly kooky concepts
  161. World's Most Considerate Computer Thief Backs Up Victim's Data, Mails It to Him
  162. Top 5 Mistakes Made by Linux First-Timers
  163. Windows Phone 7: ‘last call’ gets a thumbs-up
  164. [TEH INTERNETZ] Internet Explorer usage falls below 50%
  165. PC BIOS soon to be replaced by UEFI
  166. World's first 3D TV without glasses.... (But only if you sit close)
  167. Future cyber weapons - the Stuxnet worm
  168. COICA.... I have no words...
  169. Cheap and inexpensive Desktop chips by AMD screw Intel's plans...
  170. Sony 6X Blu-ray writer USB drive may be too fast for PCs
  171. Intel wants to charge $50 to unlock stuff your CPU can already do
  172. Toshiba preparing glasses-free 3D TVs for Christmas
  173. Toshiba storage breakthrough could bring 10TB HDDs
  174. Ultrasn0w Software Carrier Unlock Released For Apple iPhone 4
  175. HDMI to be replaced with an ethernet cable?
  176. Frash : Flash Finally Arrives On Apple iPad
  177. Dell denies that they lied to consumers over faulty parts
  178. New tech moves beyond the mouse, keyboard and screen
  179. Enable Motion Interpolation for Movies on Your PC
  180. Opera beats chrome speed tests
  181. Transmit FTP client for Mac OS X gets updated to version 4
  182. Five Best Computer Diagnostic Tools (PC)
  183. Google Starts Putting Their Computers
  184. Pakistan court orders Facebook access restored
  185. Apple Passes Microsoft as No. 1 in Tech
  186. 3DMark 11 tech demo released, third quarter launch expected
  187. Kaspersky wants to introduce hardware ID for everyone
  188. Facebook, MySpace caught releasing user data
  189. Pakistan shuts down YouTube & facebook
  190. 5 Services That Leverage Google Wave
  191. Mozilla Ponders an "Open" Web App Store
  192. Google to Offer Encrypted Search
  193. Microsoft Hotmail Changes Again
  194. Firefox 4 HTML5 SUPPORT
  195. Scroogle may have to permanently shut down
  196. iPad Day In Numbers: 300k Devices Sold, 1 Million Apps And 250k iBooks Downloaded
  197. Firefox: 30 percent of the world market
  198. Android Is Apple’s Burger King
  199. LG First 3D TV Goes On Sale For £1700 & It's Not Passive
  200. Apple’s iPad Launch..
  201. ESET Announces Plan to Discontinue NOD32 Antivirus 2.7
  202. Solid State Drives Help Crack Passwords :)
  203. Is 3D TV Here To Stay?
  204. Firefox 4.0 alpha 2 brings out-of-process plug-ins
  205. Three Spaniards arrested in alleged global hacking scheme
  206. World’s Biggest computer Innovation “Aactopus”
  207. Microsoft Security Essentials 1.0.1959.0
  208. [p2pnet]Canadian ISPs and net neutrality rules
  209. [Register]Opera plays chicken with Apple iPhone police
  210. [TechCrunch]If Google Wave Is The Future, Google Buzz Is The Present
  211. [Windows]Restart issues after installing MS10-015(KB977165)
  212. [cnet]Microsoft plans antipiracy update for Windows 7
  213. [WIRED]21st-Century Shooters Are No Country for Old Men
  214. [TheRegister]Google doppelgänger casts riddle over interwebs
  215. [TF]Game Developers Skeptical About Ubisoft’s New DRM
  216. [ars]Windows 7 stability fix breaks stability, puzzles Microsoft
  217. [NYT]The Dozens of Computers That Make Modern Cars Go (and Stop)
  218. Firefox -> Two experimental add-ons were containing trojan horse for Windows platform
  219. DNS 2.0: Google wants to see client addresses in DNS queries
  220. Is google toolbar spying - even when it says it does not?
  221. IE another critical flaws(aka IE is a modern world Pandora box)
  222. Windows released hotfixes addressing critical bug in IE6, IE7, and IE8
  223. 2010 Trends and Predictions
  224. Ford cars to read your Twitter feed
  225. CES shows us the Internet of the future
  226. Five New Year's resolutions for Google
  227. Yahoo! and Microsoft Finalize Search Agreement
  228. Microsoft To Fix Zero-Day IE Bug For Patch Tuesday Release
  229. Acer preps Aspire w/Cmobile Radeon HD 5850ore i7,
  230. Ubuntu Tip : Reinstall Ubuntu automatically
  231. Microsoft’s Next OS “Windows 8″ (Major Release) Coming in 2012
  232. An Early Look At IE9 for Developers
  233. Google's Go: A New Programming Language That's Python Meets C++
  234. Tritton AX 720 Dolby Digital Surround Gaming Headset
  235. Gameskulls GS-1 Tactical Gaming Helmet Review
  236. Thermaltake WingRS 301 Case Review
  237. NZXT M59 - 001BK Computer Case Review
  238. Aerocool DCC-C900 CPU Cooler Review
  239. Thermolab BADA Heatsink Review
  240. Lancool Dragonlord PC-K58 Case Review
  241. SilverStone Grandia GD04 Case Review
  242. Corsair Obsidian 800D review
  243. Nexus Edge Case Review
  244. Cooler Master Elite 310 case Review
  245. CM Storm Sniper Black Edition Computer Case
  246. World's first iPhone worm
  247. The Gory Details of NY's Antitrust Suit Against Intel
  248. NVIDIA Uses Cartoons to Harass Intel
  249. Intel's Light Peak Technology - Think about Multiple Protocol USB on Steroids
  250. Nvidia finally gets Fermi A2 taped out (GT300)