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  1. Xerox Develops Silver Ink for Wearable or Throwaway Electronics
  2. A Guided Tour Of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
  3. Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7
  4. Intel and Numonyx announce vertical Phase Change Memory
  5. New Processor Will Feature 100 Cores
  6. ASUS previews upcoming MBs with USB 3.0 and SATA 6G
  7. Ubuntu’s 5th Birthday Today - What a Crazy 5 Years It’s Been!
  8. .NET Framework Assistant Blocked to Disarm Security Vulnerability
  9. How Safe are Facebook Applications?
  10. What Kaspersky Want For The Web
  11. Google Wave More Secure than Traditional Email
  12. Google Wave Invite Site
  13. Google Wave’s Little Secret: It Already Works On The iPhone
  14. Windows 7 Support Coming to Firefox 3.6
  15. Is This The Face Of Google ChromeOS?
  16. Thousands of Hotmail passwords leaked online
  17. Nvidia working on CUDA-based anti-virus.
  18. Wikia - A community portal
  19. Microsoft Making a Windows 7 Compatibility Site
  20. Supercomputer to use new Nvidia 'Fermi' chip
  21. Apple Buys Their Very Own Maps
  22. Ubuntu 9.10 karmic beta
  23. Alcatel Boosts Fiber Speed to 100 Petabits in Lab
  24. GNOME 2.28 Switches to WebKit
  25. Thunderbird 3 Beta 4 Released
  26. Japan scientists create 3-D images you can touch
  27. Students Can Get Windows 7 Pro for $19
  28. No More Service Packs for Windows XP
  29. Google acquires reCAPTCHA
  30. Super Talent to ship 2TB SSDs in October
  31. Browser Face-Off: Battery Life Explored
  32. Microsoft: In-place Windows 7 upgrades can take up to 20 hours
  33. Beginnings of the Holodeck: AMD's DX11 GPU, Eyefinity and 6 Display Outputs
  34. The iTunes 9 Release Round-Up
  35. Google Launching Online Monopoly Game With Real Streets
  36. Intel's New Core i7 and Core i5 Processors Explained
  37. Firefox To Include Flash Version Checker
  38. Preparing for P55: Motherboards, Memory and NVIDIA
  39. Samsung OLED Laptop Coming Late 2010
  40. Windows 7 Will Boot In As Little As 11 Seconds?
  41. ATI Radeon HD 5800-series pricing revealed?
  42. Shot of OCZ's Z-Drive PCI-Express SSD
  43. AMD Ships 40W Six-core 'Istanbul' Opterons
  44. Trojan Targeting Skype, VoIP Clients
  45. Intel SSDs Double in Price on Newegg
  46. Western Digital's 7,200RPM 2TB hard drives get official
  47. Fake Snow Leopard sites leading to trojan infections
  48. See the Laptop With Two Full-sized Screens
  49. Mozilla finds Google Chrome flaw
  50. Diskeeper Tech to Prevent Fragmented Files
  51. Facebook Begins Testing Facebook Lite, A Faster Simpler Version Of The Service
  52. Microsoft: Why We Can't Drop IE6 Support
  53. Judge orders Microsoft to stop selling Word
  54. Facebook Acquires FriendFeed
  55. Google to Launch a New Version of Google Search
  56. Virtual shield
  57. Google Acquires Video Compression Technology Company On2 For $106 Million
  58. Windows Tiny7 – A Windows 7 ISO that fits on a single CD?
  59. Researchers Try to Stalk Botnets Used by Hackers
  60. One second for 720 DVDs: New super-fast fiber optic cable
  61. Pirates crack Windows 7 RTM before official release
  62. HP researchers develop browser-based darknet
  63. Yahoo Confirms Xoopit Acquisition
  64. Pigs are flying low: Why Microsoft open-sourced its Linux drivers
  65. Double-Take: Microsoft Contributes Drivers to Linux Community
  66. North Korean Army suspected over cyberattacks
  67. Firefox security questioned again as another exploit surfaces
  68. Mozilla closes security hole with Firefox 3.5.1
  69. Another Security Tip For Twitter: Don't Use "Password" As Your Server Password
  70. Linux booted in one second
  71. Twitter Hacked, Secrets to be Revealed?
  72. SATA 6.0 Gb/s Rollout Delayed
  73. Firefox 3.5 Vulnerability Confirmed
  74. YouTube Will Be Next To Kiss IE6 Support Goodbye
  75. Microsoft Office to go online — for free
  76. Microsoft is launching a music streaming service this month
  77. Anti-Sec: The Hacking Group with a Manifesto
  78. Why Chrome OS Now? Because Microsoft Office In The Cloud Comes Monday.
  79. Microsoft Silverlight 3 available for download
  80. Google Apps shed beta label
  81. HTML 5 drops open-source video codec
  82. Microsoft set to respond to Google OS next Monday?
  83. Introducing the Google Chrome OS
  84. Photo Sharing feature in Live Messenger: Kill it dead
  85. Alledged critical security vulnerability in iPhone SMS application
  86. Kaspersky has fixed its malware detection problem in its 2010 products via an automat
  87. Apple axes 'Hottest Girls' app
  88. bbPress 1.0 final, finally released
  89. Bringing a Bit of Twitter to Bing
  90. IPhone OS 3.1 Fixes Video Editing, Adds Bluetooth Voice Control
  91. Adobe Shuts Down Operations for a Week
  92. GMail Labels: drag and drop, hiding, and more
  93. AMD Gives Away Phenom II X4 TWKR CPUs to Overclockers
  94. KDE 4.3 Plasma
  95. Shimadzu HPV 1
  96. Fake Harry Potter movie going around the Net
  97. China Bans Gold Farming
  98. Reading machine to snoop on Web
  99. Scientists create first electronic quantum processor
  100. Windows 7 Price: Double in Europe when compared to U.S.
  101. The results are out, Microsoft Security Essentials beats the competition
  102. Harry Potter used by internet hackers to spread malware
  103. Lenovo will offer free updates to Windows 7
  104. Gmail Increases Maximum Attachment Size to 25 MB
  105. Planning for GNOME 3.0
  106. Pirate Bay's YouTube Competitor is "Coming Soon"
  107. Announcing the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program & Windows 7 Pricing - Bring on GA!
  108. Bill Gates: "Our Most Potent Operating System Competitor is Linux"
  109. Cello PVR TV uses SD cards for storage
  110. Adobe on "HTML5"
  111. Microsoft to ignore web standards in Outlook 2010 - enough is enough
  112. YouTube Sued for $13.9 Million for Copyright Infringement
  113. A new landmark in computer vision
  114. Soapbox, Microsoft's YouTube, put on the backburner
  115. Microsoft Security Essentials (Morro) public beta announced
  116. Apple rejects a Commodore 64 emulating iPhone app that coulda been a contender
  117. Multi-process Firefox, coming to an Internets near you
  118. China starts meddling with Google results because of porn
  119. Linux robot car targets autonomous navigation
  120. Moore's Law to Hit a Brick Wall at 18nm
  121. Nokia: Wireless Power Harvesting for Cell Phones available in 3-4 years
  122. Extend Firefox 3.5! Make the Next Great Web Experience!
  123. Exclusive: Microsoft's new Anti-Virus, 'Morro', revealed
  124. One Hundred Paper Cuts
  125. Nokia E72 Video Leaked
  126. ASUS Eee Keyboard gets Moblin
  127. 15 years of browser innovation?
  128. Microsoft Donates Eight Meals For Each Internet Explorer 8 Download
  129. Black Pixel: Is it possible to Save Energy one Pixel at a Time?
  130. ASUS Presents a Vision of Seamless Computing at COMPUTEX 2009
  131. Google to Launch a Microblogging Search Engine
  132. QuickTime Alternative 2.9.0 - Play .mov, .qt and .3gp files without QuickTime Player
  133. Windows "E" won't include Internet Explorer
  134. Savant's New Virtual Control Could Be a Game Changer
  135. Coming Soon: Microsoft's Free Anti-virus Software
  136. Google's Schmidt Dismisses Bing
  137. Ubuntu aims for a 10 second boot time
  138. Linux Kernel 2.6.30 Is Out, Includes the NILFS2 Filesystem
  139. WordPress 2.8 Final is out
  140. Japanese camera buff builds 130-megapixel scanner camera for next to nothing
  141. Tech expo: Never send chef to do robot's job
  142. Linux is first OS to support USB 3.0
  143. Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook Announced
  144. Coming Soon: Facebook Usernames
  145. The Most Dangerous Web Search Terms
  146. Internet becoming 'messy and confusing'
  147. Fedora 11 is out
  148. All New Apple iPhone 3G S Announced
  149. The future of robots is rat-shaped
  150. Predictive powers: a robot that reads your intention?
  151. Google Street View gets improved navigation controls
  152. Best Buy memo explains that Vista doesn't work, details Windows 7 upgrade plans
  153. Intel shows first working Moorestown prototypes at Computex
  154. Google: We're Actually Really Small
  155. WordPress 2.8 Beta Hands On Review
  156. Watch Video...without Flash
  157. AMD Graphics Processor, First to Embrace DirectX 11 in Windows 7
  158. The holy grail of 100% uptime is a little bit closer
  159. Windows 7 to launch October 22
  160. Hotmail will stop using the DAV protocol on September 1
  161. Google Holodeck: StreetView In 360 Degrees
  162. Play Games in Google Talk
  163. Jolicloud "SocialOS" alpha gets video demo
  164. Anti-U.S. Hackers Infiltrate Army Servers
  165. Yahoo open to Microsoft deal under right terms
  166. Google won't run all the Wave servers
  167. Intel's Lynnfield chips to arrive in early September
  168. Soulseek P2P Application Vulnerable to Remote Takeover
  169. Exclusive: Steve Ballmer demos the Zune HD for Engadget!
  170. 6 Gbps SATA transfer speed is on its way
  171. Google: The browser is the computer
  172. Defense Department developing portable hacking device for soldiers
  173. Psystar and Mac clones go down the tubes
  174. Microsoft blocks Messenger in US-embargoed countries
  175. Canonical developers aim to make Android apps run on Ubuntu
  176. NASA Launches 'Nebula' Compute Cloud
  177. VLC UnRAR plugin – Watch movies in RAR archives without extracting them first
  178. Exclusive: Microsoft to remove 3 app limit from Windows 7 Starter
  179. Google Searches for Staffing Answers
  180. New memory material may hold data for one billion years
  181. The Da Vinci Code: What Happens When You Twitter the Mona Lisa?
  182. All your movies on a single DVD
  183. GPS systems could crash next year
  184. Palm Pre to be released in US on 6th June
  185. NEC Introduces First SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Controller
  186. Can Microsoft stop IE's market share slide?
  187. Windows 7 adds native Virtual WiFi technology from Microsoft Research
  188. ASUS Eee PC 1008HA 'Seashell' review roundup
  189. Better than Intel: Fujitsu develops world's fastest processor
  190. China blocks U.S. from cyber warfare
  191. Microsoft Windows 7 Build 7127 Leaked
  192. Google crossbreeds search with spreadsheet
  193. WiFi goes gigabit... but it won't go through walls
  194. Larry Ellison's Plan A: Buy only Sun's software assets
  195. Study: 41% of all PC software installed is pirated
  196. Windows 7 RC Update to Shoot Blanks Soon
  197. Intel Hit With Record $1.45 Billion Antitrust Fine
  198. Hacker Wants $10M Ransom for Stolen Virginia Private Patient Data
  199. Internet Explorer 8: Nine Things You Didn't Know You Could Do
  200. Microsoft Finally Confirms Windows 7 Will Launch by December
  201. Trolling someone online? Bill would slap you with jail time
  202. Mozilla and Opera Complain About Windows 7
  203. Hackers Temporarily Seize Control Of Google Morocco Domain Name
  204. Is Your PC Ready for Windows 7? This Tool Lets You Know
  205. Google: We're good for journalism
  206. Board Ties at Apple and Google Are Scrutinized
  207. Looking to Big-Screen E-Readers to Help Save the Daily Press
  208. Researchers hijack botnet, score 56,000 passwords in an hour
  209. What browser wars? The enterprise still loves IE 6
  210. Intel face greatest fine in EU history
  211. The Veil Is Lifted From Wolfram Alpha
  212. IE8 Can't Stop IE Market Share Decline
  213. Microsoft Offers Secure Windows … But Only to the Government
  214. Twitter Quitters Post Roadblock to Long-Term Growth
  215. Lip-reading computers can detect different languages
  216. ContourHD Films Your Extreme Escapades In HD
  217. G.E.'s Breakthrough Can Put 100 DVDs on a Disc
  218. Computer Program to Take On 'Jeopardy!'
  219. Coming Soon: Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC
  220. 'Sleep talking' PCs save energy and money
  221. Windows 7's Unfixable Glitch
  222. Windows 7 RC Hits The Net
  223. Nefarious Conficker worm racks up $9.1 billion bill
  224. Computer Spies Breach Fighter-Jet Project
  225. Microsoft Already Starting on Windows 8
  226. Oracle buys Sun Microsystems in $7.4bn deal
  227. Google's new experimental ad format
  228. New processor technology promises big boost to consumer-grade SSDs
  229. Teenage Twitter Hacker: 'I Could Be Jailed'
  230. Conficker wakes up, updates via P2P, drops payload
  231. Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated By Spies
  232. Spybot Search & Destroy competitors are trying to force its removal
  233. Netbooks could soon outsell proper notebooks
  234. Google uncloaks once-secret server
  235. Vast Spy System Loots Computers in 103 Countries
  236. Windows 7 Might Block Third-Party Video Codecs
  237. Voice-controlled Asus Eee PCs this year
  238. Facial Recognition Comes to Facebook
  239. Microsoft to Tackle Pirated Windows XP Professional
  240. Mozilla gives 3D web another shot
  241. Two new improvements to Google results pages
  242. Last.fm Radio Announcement
  243. China Completely Banned YouTube
  244. Pirate Bay Announces IPREDATOR Global Anonymity Service
  245. A telecom breakthrough mimics the settling snow
  246. Nehalem to come to notebooks this year
  247. Lithium Battery Take Seconds to Charge
  248. Outlook Hazy for Nokia's Chances in Notebooks
  249. Sun Offers More Storage to OpenSolaris
  250. Gainward GTX 260 Golden Sample tested

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