some of you may have noticed certain connected trackers, such as TopHos, What.cd and x264, have been recently narrowing down on, and banning, SB-Innovation users. This is due to an abuse of some browsers' Cascading Style Sheet implementation, known as the "CSS Leak" for short. It basically consists on checking if someone has visited the SB-I board through a "hit and miss" principle.

Even though some claim otherwise, knowing you've visited our cheater board is enough of an excuse for tracker admins to ban your accounts, which you don't want.

How to avoid it, then? There are several solutions:
  • disabling history,
  • using a different browser,
  • or (Firefox only) overriding background loading for visited links. More information here. (This one won't protect you against the JavaScript attack, though. Remember to use NoScript for Firefox, or BlockIt for Opera - those will. If you're using Firefox 3.5.1 and can't install NoScript, read this.)

All of them will prevent trackers' staff from knowing you've visited us through this browser flaw.

Furthermore, and even though we have a dereferer installed, disabling HTTP referers is also important to prevent the same, should you have chosen not to use a different browser, if you click a link to a tracker on one of our users' posts. This can be archieved by pressing F12 and unticking "Send Referer Information" in Opera, using the IE7Pro addon for Internet Explorer, or following the Firefox procedure described here.

You should then be no longer vulnerable to the attack.

Wishing you a secure torrenting experience,

The SB-Innovation Staff